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Tokenlon Library

All you need to know about Tokenlon is here

Tokenlon Gitbook Guidance

For mobile app, click the top left button to enter the directory
LEARN: You can learn information about Tokenlon here and how to use Tokenlon. By reading Litepaper, you can learn the technical architecture of Tokenlon and the economic model of LON tokens. We also prepared some FAQs and hopes it will help.
DEVELOPER: You can look up various contracts used by Tokenlon and contracts involved in the Liquidity Mining of LON tokens. You can also read the developer documents here.
CONTRIBUTE: Yon can learn what you can do for Tokenlon here and our governance mechanism.
TOOLS: You can look up data related to Tokenlon, including trading volume, circulating number of LON and earned fee. Also some DeFi tools are provided in this channel.
BLOG: Articles published in the community are collected here
VOICE: You can find various communities of Tokenlon here and submit feedback and suggestion to Tokenlon core team
If you have any question or suggestion for Tokenlon Library, feel free to contact us in our Discord Channel.
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